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Shipping cost , 2009
Prices in Euro ( € )

Package        0-500   Grams    6,00
Package   500-2000   Grams  12,00 insured and tracable.
Package  2000-5000  Grams  19,00 insured and tracable.
Package 5000-10000 Grams  25,00 insured and tracable.

Rest of the world
Package        0-500   Grams   10,00
Package   500-2000   Grams  25,00 insured and tracable.
Package  2000-5000  Grams  34,00 insured and tracable.
Package 5000-10000 Grams  57,00 insured and tracable.

Insurance is for max € 150. For other services please mail.

Economic seafraight shipping is also an option and wil cost aprox. half price, Delivery time will be about 7 to 9 weeks.

You can pay me with PayPal or with a bank transfer:

Classic Bike
Cerelaan 52
1402LL Bussum
The Netherlands
ING bank, 1000BV Amsterdam
account number: 5783644
IBAN: NL27INGB0005783644


reactions from customers

Thanks very much for such a nice frame. It's beautiful, and it's in excellent condition, nearly flawless. Your website photo showed the color authentically, but seeing the real thing is much more impressive ~ the color is richer and more striking, probably because the image is a meter wide rather than only ten centimeters! I'm sure it helps to be able to walk around it, too.I've decided to outfit it with Shimano Ultegra brakes, brake levers, headset and crankset, and Shimano Dura Ace derailleurs. The wheels will be handbuilt, using Ultegra hubs and Mavic OpenPro rims, with Michelin tires. It should be fabulous.
I fell in love with Reynolds 531 tubing back in 1973, when I got my first really good bike, a Raleigh Competition. I haven't had a Reynolds frame since about 1975. This will be a real treat.
Well, thanks again, and maybe we will do business again!
Mike Nelson, United States

arrived today and spent most of the afternoon at my local bike shop admiring the frame talking about what to put on it.
Looks great! Cheers
Eric, Australia

It has arrived! In a beautiful condition - a pleasure doing business with you. Cheers
Alistair, Australia

Hello Guido, I received the Colnago frame - what a beauty! I am
very happy with it.
Martin, United States